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Convention 2019

Suicide After Trauma

The headline read, "Second Parkland shooting survivor kills himself..."

Also: "A week before, a former student whose best friend died in last year's massacre took her life... "

Suicide is high among active duty soldiers and veterans, people who have been in situations similar to the Parkland survivors. Right now, the rate of suicides among vets is almost one an hour.

But, there's hope AND things we can do.

If you know someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts or depression, get rid of the means. There's huge correlation between access to guns and rates of suicide. Got a gun? Hide it. Lock it up. For more on this, see... Of course, it's not just guns; it's opportunity. Keep pills and blades out of reach, out of sight.

Some other things that can help reduce risk of suicide include a strong relationship with a therapist, access to clinical interventions, family and community support, good problem-solving skills, and religious or spiritual beliefs that discourage suicide. Cognitive behavioral therapy for suicide attempters and dialectical behavior therapy have been shown to reduce the rates of suicide.

The New York Times talked with Marsha Linehan, an expert on working with suicidal clients, who herself had intense suicidal bursts. She says, she's been to hell, so she understands that people are in immense pain. We don't want to talk them out of their pain; we want them to find reasons to live.

ABCT has a number of pamphlets available. The first one includes resources you can use if you, or a loved one, need more help.

Finally, see our YouTube video that talks about adolescents and suicide - Non-suicidal Self-Injury and Suicide in Children and Adolescents



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