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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For ABCT Clinical Directory

Q: I am having a psychiatric emergency (e.g., feeling that I am about to hurt myself or another person), what should I do?

Q: I cannot find any CBT therapists available in my area on the Find-a-CBT-Therapist Clinical Directory, how can I find a provider?
A: Not all CBT providers are listed in our Find-a-CBT-Therapist Clinical Directory (although we wish they were!).

We recommend that you contact one or more CBT providers with facilities as close to your desired geographic region as possible. They may be able to help refer you to someone who provides services in your area, since they will be knowledgeable about your region and may know other CBT providers in that region. Another option is to find identify and contact a CBT therapist who specializes in your area of concern, and they may know other specialists in your area. Finally, most teaching hospitals now have training in CBT as part of the curriculum, if there is one in your area.

Q: How can I determine which CBT therapists take my insurance policy?
A: Visit the Find-a-CBT-Therapist Clinical Directory. Once there, you can search the Directory for providers who accept your insurance policy by selecting your insurance policy from the dropdown menu. ABCT tries to keep the insurance policy dropdown menu as current as possible. However, if you do not see your insurance policy in the dropdown menu, it is worthwhile to search for CBT therapists in your area and contact them directly to see if they accept your policy.

Note that only providers who have paid an extra fee for their listing to appear at the top can list their insurance policies accepted. If a provider does not have insurance listings but you would like to know which insurance policies they accept, contact them directly.

Q: I am experiencing psychological symptoms, but I don't know what I am suffering from. What should I do?
A: Your CBT provider will help you to understand your symptoms. We also provide Symptom Checklists (which contain a few key symptoms for more common disorders) and Fact Sheets that you can review. Please note that the Symptom Checklist is provided as a service only and you should seek the services of a professional for an accurate assessment for any psychological treatment you may be seeking.

Symptom Checklists can be found at:

Fact Sheets can be found at:

Q: How do I know if I really need psychological treatment?
A: If symptoms regularly interfere with an important part of your life, such as your relationships or your job, this is an indicator that you should consider psychological treatment. Also, if symptoms are regularly distressing or painful for you, this is another indicator that you should consider psychological treatment.

Please click on this link for more detailed information:

Q: What can I expect from CBT Treatment?
A: Refer to our Fact Sheet:

Q: I am experiencing many symptoms that are concerning to me. How do I choose which symptoms to address?
A: Your CBT therapist can help you to address multiple areas of concern. In fact, CBT is scientifically-proven to improve many types of psychological symptoms. To choose which symptoms to address first, you and your therapist may discuss which ones are affecting your ability to function the most, or which are causing you the most distress.

Q: Are all of the providers on the Find-a-CBT-Therapist Clinical Directory licensed or certified?
A: ABCT does not license or certify CBT providers, although many providers in our directory are licensed and/or certified in their area of expertise. ABCT does not offer any type of certification or licensing, but members listed in the directory must be licensed in their respective states.

It is important for you, as a potential client, to know how to determine this -- and other important information -- about your potential CBT providers.

ABCT provides a Fact Sheet on choosing a CBT therapist, located at:

Q: How can I maximize my Find-a-CBT-Therapist search results to be the most effective for my needs?
A: If you search by specialty, the more search criteria that you enter, the more results will 'pop up.'

If you search by other criteria, such as zip code, the fewer search criteria that you enter, the more results will 'pop up.' Thus, if you have some flexibility in how far you will travel for services, you might choose to search only by county (under advanced search options), or only by zip code.

Also, it is common to contact multiple providers before you start CBT to help you determine which, out of several options, may be the best provider for you.

Q: I do not see my primary concern listed under the specialty dropdown menu. What should I do?
A: We try to provide a comprehensive list of possible provider specialty areas. However, if you do not see your primary concern listed, then there are a few things you can do. The first is to read through the list to see if there is a specialty area that is similar to your concern, if not identical. For example, a provider specializing in anorexia may also specialize in bulimia. Second, there may be an umbrella term for your concern. For example, if your primary concern is adjustment to cancer, the 'chronic illness' specialty area may be appropriate. Third, you can contact providers in your area to see if they can help to refer you to someone with the specialty you think will be most helpful to you.

Q: Are the providers listed at the top of the Find-A-CBT-Therapist Clinical Directory more experienced or more highly-rated than other providers?
A: Not necessarily. These providers have simply paid an extra fee for their listing to appear at the top.

Q: What is the best way for me to reach providers?
A: These providers do not work directly at ABCT, so the best way to reach them is via their phone or e-mail contact information.