How to Use this Site

Adding boxes from the SPECIALTY section increases the number of results you're likely to have; adding boxes from POPULATION and TYPE will limit your results; text added in the various search parameters will narrow the results further. Try the broadest searches first, then get more specific, especially if searching in more rural areas.
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How to Use this Site

Welcome to our Find a Therapist directory.

You can access it several ways.

The initial page, the one with the clouds, has three fields. Fill any or all of the three fields to find a therapist in your ZIP or Postal Code; find a therapist in your state or province; or find therapist with a specific specialty. You may fill one, two, or three fields in; the more you fill fields you fill on the cloud screen, the more narrow, or specific, your search results will be. [click here to return to the cloud page]

Or [click here] for a more comprehensive directory. There are two parts to the directory. The top section allows you to search by location for a therapist; the second sections allow you to specify the therapist’s areas of expertise.

In the top section, you may search on one – or more -- of: City, State, County, ZIP code. You can also specify a Last Name if you are trying to find a specific therapist. Each selection in this section NARROWS your search, so if you specify New York State, all therapists in New York State will appear; if you specify New York State and Kings County, only therapists in New York practicing in Kings County will appear. Using the ZIP code function is useful especially in conjunction with the radius search (radius only works in conjunction with ZIP and not with city or state) because it allows you to cross state and county lines.

The lower sections, Population or Specialty, allow you to search for therapists who treat a problem. You may combine more than one field. Adding more population and specialty criteria EXPANDS the search, rather than restricts it. For instance, specifying "AIDS" and "Anxiety" in the specialty area will give you any therapist who specializes in AIDS and/or Anxiety and who matches any of the other geographic demographics specified, if any.

If you don’t find a therapist who specializes in the disorder you specified, choose either a broader specialty (anxiety instead of panic), add more specialties, or, to make it the broadest search, do not specify any specialties and the search will provide everyone in the geographic region you’ve selected. You can also leave the specialty area blank, and ALL therapists who practice in the geographic area you selected will appear.

If no therapists are listed with that specialty try contacting a listed therapist located close to you. There is a very good chance that he/she may be able to recommend a Cognitive Behavior Therapist in your geographic area.

To locate a therapist in Canada or another country, type in the name of the country. A map of the world will be displayed and a listing of members will appear at the bottom of the page.

ABCT’s Find-a-Therapist service gives you access to therapists schooled in cognitive and behavioral techniques. The therapists listed in Find-a-Therapist are licensed professionals who have met the requirements of membership in ABCT and who have chosen to appear in this directory. Primarily psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinical social workers, the practitioners that participate in this service practice in private practice, clinics, hospitals, and community mental health settings.